Budget deck repair tips

Deck Repair Portland

Deck a sad excuse of a meeting area? Try our deck repair in Portland!

So you have invited a few buddies for brunch, but you would rather they hang out in your condo than on your dated deck. An upgrade would come in handy, but the overhaul cost puts you off; not to worry, a few tips from Deck Repair Portland should help you transform the space without breaking the bank. Of course, if you’d rather have us handle it for you, we’re more than happy to help! We’ll gladly work on any deck repairs in Portland, from around GrowWorld on SE Division St and SE 174th Ave all the way to near the Odyssey Program on SW 58th Ave and SW Montgomery St and make sure your deck is looking better than new!


A deck inspection can help

Inspect the area paying attention to the benches as well as parts that are in direct contact with the ground and those connected to the house. Tighten any loose screws and replace any rusty ones while replacing popped nails. If the benches need a fresh coat of stain, you don’t have to toss all the boards, however, if they are warped replace them with new ones. Poke the wood using a screwdriver; where the wood breaks easily replace it. However, if the rot exists only in a small area, repair the damaged part using a wood filler.

A clean deck is a happy deck!

Experts (us) recommend cleaning the deck once a year. However, with our busy work schedules, folks should consider hiring professional deck cleaners from Deck Repair Portland. You will need a stiff-bristle brush, a pressure washer (remove scrub-resistant stains) and a good deck cleaning product as well as a pair of gloves and protective glasses. A good deck cleanser should contain at least one or two of the following chemicals as the main ingredient

· Sodium hypochlorite: it removes mildew. However, it doesn’t rid of dirt and stains thus the need to mix it with a detergent (should be free of ammonia).

· Sodium hydroxide: it is an effective ingredient found in all cleaning products and finish lifters.

· Sodium (per)carbonate: eliminates dirt and mildew. It’s also ideal for cleaning warped wood.


Decking stain gives a better appearance

If the deck isn’t giving off the impression, you desired after cleaning, applying a new coat of stain is a more cost-effective way of transforming the space. Transparent stains are ideal for new wooden decks but dated decks require semi-transparent stains. Experts recommend spraying as it is fast and allows more stain on the wood panels than using a brush. Follow it up with a roller to spread out the stain on the deck.


We’ll help you with deck design and railings too

Adding wooden benches help create a brand new look to the deck. Sometimes it’s all you got to do after cleaning and staining the surface. For a perfect look, match the benches and the stain to the deck. And it can help to replace the original railing with a maintenance-free railing system. Vinyl-coated railings (a composite of wood and plastic) for example, are available in pre-made panels and come in contrasting white colors. Whatever your needs for deck repair in Portland, call or contact us first.