Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Experts in Carpet Cleaning Gilbert

Carpet Cleaning Gilbert

Mud-stained floors? Try our carpet cleaning in Gilbert!

Carpet cleaning is a mandatory service for anyone who has their floors covered in this fluffy and warm layer. Doing it yourself is an option but hiring a team of experts is a better choice. This way, you can be guaranteed of excellent results and at the same time avoid problems such as mold and fixated stains. Although there are many experts in carpet cleaning Gilbert, there are some important questions that you should ask before settling for a particular one.

Do I have to come in to make an appointment?

We don’t follow such archaic poppycock. Call us or fill out our contact form and we come to you; anywhere in Gilbert AZ. Whether you’re by Gilbert Fire Department Station No 1. on E Williams Field Rd and S Parkcrest St or by Towne Meadows Elementary School on N Recker Rd and E San Angelo Ave, the price for an in-home estimate is the same; FREE!

Do you charge for cleaning estimates?

Paying every time you ask for an estimate may drain you so always ask if they charge. However, just because they charge doesn’t necessarily mean that they are out to extort you, This is sometimes done to keep off time waster and idlers. In this case, you may want to stick to the top three companies in your list. Some companies offer free estimates over the phone while others make visits for free so be sure to ask that on your first conversation.

What carpet cleaning method is used?

The foot traffic on the carpet greatly predicts the level of dirt and may sometimes determine the type of cleaning required. The carpet around the doorway is likely to be dirtier than carpeted areas under furniture or less frequented rooms. However, most experts use a steam cleaner or hot water extraction methods to clean carpets. Actually, these are the most recommended procedures by manufacturers as they are safe for the fibers hence guarantee durability. The technician’s experience and skills will also play a role in this. Those that are skilled and familiar with carpet cleaning are more likely to perform a better job than those that are not. They are also more likely to determine which techniques to use on heavily soiled areas and those that aren’t.

Is your floor cleaning crew licensed and insured?

If improper detergents and chemicals are used, the carpet may get damaged or completely destroyed. If a company is insured, they will easily replace the carpet or have it restored free of charge. This is a feature that’s available for reliable and professional companies. Failure to meet this expectation means that the homeowner will have to incur the burden of the damage.

How long before my carpet dries?

Any expert will advise you to wait for at least 24 hours for your carpet to completely dry. This is determined by the type of fiber on the carpet as well as the humidity levels. However, you can apply various techniques to increase the carpet drying time, for instance, opening windows, switching on the fan, and turning on the heat during winter.

Do you guarantee your carpet cleaning services?

It is best that the carpet cleaning company offers at least a 30-day guarantee in case you notice missed spots or missed stain patches on your carpet. This may save you a headache and money in hiring them again to perfect their services. After your carpet has been cleaned, it is advisable that you keep off until it completely dries. This is to avoid staining the wet carpet and leaving fresh stains on it. Experts recommend that you wear booties if stepping on the carpet is inevitable. Keep pets and kids off the area as certain stains are more damaging on wet carpets than on dry ones.