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Are you looking for a specialist for your drain cleaning in Tacoma, Washington? Dirt and solids settle in drainpipes over time. The wastewater can no longer flow away unhindered, the drain clogged. The deposits in the drains of the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet often develop an unpleasant odor. Persistent impurities cannot be easily removed with home remedies. Chemical drain cleaners also attack the material and pollute the environment. If the suction cup no longer helps, only a professional drain cleaning by the expert in Tacoma, Washington can help. Drain Cleaning Tacoma


With modern professional equipment, channel cleaning professional drain cleaning by the expert in Tacoma, Washington eliminates even the coarsest dirt quickly and gently. We reliably solve any blockage in sinks, urinals, toilets, bathtubs, showers or washing machines. The drain cleaning is carried out to liberate sewers, channels, and shafts from impurities. Regular cleaning of your sewage pipes prevents pipe breaks and complete clogging.


Root pruning is eliminated with a pruning and even stubborn sediments like concrete sludge are simply milled away. With powerful percussion drilling nozzles, we even succeed in completely eliminating pipe sockets protruding into the canal or monorail irons driven through the sewer pipe. The pipe and sewer cleaning always take place under the aspect of environmental protection. The sucked in dirty water is first cleaned by an effective system of water recovery and then led back into the working circulation. In this way, it is even possible to dispose of contaminated residues in the sewage system in an environmentally friendly manner. We are aware of the responsibility for the scarce resource of drinking water and do everything that is necessary for active environmental protection.


With a drain cleaning system, you prevent pipe breaks and pipe blockages. Regular cleaning of the channels prevents nasty surprises! Take this opportunity to have the tubes inspected for leaks, breaks and other defects with a camera probe, eliminating expensive emergency operations.


The 10 most common causes of pipe blockages

Wet wipes

Wet wipes are made of tear-resistant fleeces and do not dissolve in the water at all. They remain in bows or hang on edges and encrustations. And one thing comes to another until long ” rags braids ” have formed in the pipe system. These are difficult to remove, cleaning is usually costly.


Intimate textiles

Diapers, panty liners, tampons, etc. Are usually produced with plastic components. These do not dissolve in the water and can clog entire pipe networks sustainably.



Leftovers tend to clump together, remain in bends or flat areas, creating a blockage. They also provide a welcome food base for our button-eyed friends of the underworld. So, if you do not want to visit a pet animal in the near future, you should dispose of your leftovers elsewhere.


Kitchen fats

That solid fats such as palm fats or butter fats on cooling down again and can be deposited in the pipe can certainly follow every housewife. But also, formerly liquid oils change their consistency by heating from liquid to solid and are therefore also the cause of clogged drains and pipes.


Pipe breaks

Pipe breaks usually take place in ceramic pipes and channels. Once a spot is broken, Erdrich pushes and closes the pipe.


Sagging of the pipe

Most outdoor lines are located in a sand bed. If it comes now by running groundwater or seepage rainwater to a gradual continuation of this sand, the tube lacks at some point the “ground under the feet”. The pressure from above is too great, the tube sags, forming a depression, where solids can settle in the sewage and clog.


Installation error in the pipe network

Clogged drains and pipes are not always attributable to the users. Even defects in the construction of the pipe network can gradually lead to blockages. (e.g. tight bends in the net, squeezed out seals, impermissible reduction of the pipe diameter, etc.)


Construction waste

Handyman knows a song to sing about it. Where to go with the tile adhesive residue, the wallpaper pastes or grout, which must be washed out of the buckets. If you dispose of these over the drain, you should keep in mind that the heavy components collect in depressions and – if you are unlucky – even set.


Root ingress

Our nature has more power than we sometimes love. In the outdoor area, roots sometimes develop a huge urge to grow and take no account of channels that are in their way. Due to the slow but steady growth, such roots can break channels, penetrate and “grow” the channel.


Water saving devices

And finally – hardly anyone thinks about that. The less water you use to rinse, the less will be washed away or the flush will stop after a short time. Even so, components are constantly accumulating and eventually lead to a pipe blockage in Tacoma, Washington.

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