Roof Cleaning: The Importance and Benefits

Roof Cleaning Portland

Haven’t thought about your roof in awhile? It might be time for roof cleaning in Portland!

Keeping one’s roof free of moss or debris is an utmost important thing required for the betterment and longevity of one’s roof. However, in Portland, most of the homeowners don’t give the task of roof cleaning its due importance. Roof cleaning Portland can effectively prolong and extend the roof’s life and appearance.

Can cleaning the roof help me?

The main reason for the homeowners to clean their roof is basically only to extend the roof’s life. As a matter of fact, building up dirt and dust that settles on the roof naturally, can be a welcoming sign for mildew, molds, and insects to make their home on it. In areas that are particularly shady and suffer from damp climates, it is not unusual to find the roof all covered up with dirt, algae, moss and lichen. Further, such affected roof will eventually break down. Therefore, it is advised to remove such substances that will only result in a speedy deterioration of the roof.


Let us come for roof inspections anywhere in Portland!

Not sure if you need roof cleaning done yet? Worried that the structural integrity of your home or business might be compromised? Let us come out for an inspection! We regularly perform professional inspections throughout the Portland metro area. Whether you’re by Margaret Scott Elementary School on NE 144th Ave and NE San Rafael St or PCC’s Sylvania Campus at G St and SW 49th Ave, we’ll gladly come by to inspect and clean your roof.

What are some key benefits of a cleaning your roof?

There are numerous animals that are attracted to a dirty roof, especially birds. Birds often nest in rooftops. Many species of termites are also attracted to wet and mucky debris that are sometimes found in damp rooftops. The accumulated rain water will also bring mosquitoes to live and breed their larva to grow up. A roof that is clean will never allow water to accumulate and will also not be damp all the time. It also stops mold and mildew from growing which can cause hazardous conditions in your home.

Do I need a professional to clean my roof?

Many studies say that regular and professional cleaning of the roof can effectively prolong the life of the roof as compared to those roofs that are not cleaned or maintained. An average and a normal roof are expected to have a life expectancy of 30 years but if not maintained or cleaned from time to time the roof will be destroyed before time. With a brand new roof costing somewhere between 12000 to 20000 dollars, it is a relatively big investment that needs cleaning and maintenance to last as long as expected. However, the numbers do not take into consideration the additional damage’s cost associated with roofs that are dirty and not well maintained. A professional roof cleaning can help in preventing such outcome and save a substantial amount of time & money.