Tips to Prevent Clogged Drains

They say prevention is always better than cure. Well, this is not only applicable to medical issues but also to household matters. Household problems can be as bad as it can get, especially that they are inevitable. The only thing you can do is to prevent it from happening.

Leaky pipes, broken valves and clogged toilets and drains are the most common household issues we encounter in our everyday routine. If you are a very busy person and only comes home to sleep, you might as well take good care of your house. This simple list of tips may prevent you from clogging your drains.

  • Always use a drain strainer

Washing of fruits and vegetables in the sink can cause tiny debris to fall off and clog your drains. Other things such as hair, peelings, and food scraps can also cause such problem. Using a drain strainer always lets you properly collect scraps and throw it into the garbage cans. This prevents you from clogging your drains and maintains cleanliness of your sink.

  • Never let oil go down your sink

Oil or any greasy liquid can cause drain clogs because they tend to stick to your sink pipes. If accumulated, this may form a full blockage in pipes which results in severe clogging. Instead of  throwing your used oil in the sink, you can place it in a plastic container and throw it in the trash.

  • Use boiling water

While waiting for your food to be cooked, boil a small amount of water. Run the hot water down your sink to melt away grease and keep oil off the pipes. This may also flush out scraps and hair strands stuck in your sink pipes.

  • Always clean your sink

Cleaning your sink regularly may prevent drains from clogging. Hot water and baking soda are a good combination of sink cleaners. Baking soda is a well-known cleaning agent that can take away the stains and foul odors. It can be flushed down with hot water to also clean unreachable pipes and get rid of unwanted odors.

  • Plug your drain

Whenever you are away, make sure to plug your drain before leaving. You’ll never know if insects can go down your drain. A good way to flush clogs is by filling your sink up with water. You just simply plug your drain, fill up your sink with water, then immediately release the plug. This may give a rush of water to fully clear the pipes.

bahtroom drain

  • Have your drain checked once in a while

If a plumber visits your house for leaky pipes or faucets, you might want to ask him to check on your drains too. This can give a total cleanup of drains as well as pipes for better use. This can save you more time and money rather than rushing if something goes wrong with your drain.

Taking preventive measures is better than calling for somebody’s help in the most inconvenient times. Whenever you feel the need, make time to clean your drain. Also, once in a while, have it checked by an expert. This will not only save your money and time but will also save you from regrets.